Why us


Below features are included in our package price. Everything promised below will be provided to you with utmost quality of the service:

1) Airfare

2) Hotel

3) Transfers

4) Sightseeing

5) Gratuities

6) Baggage Handling

7) Meals

8) Mileage charges (where a car rental is involved)

9) The total number of nights in each city and hotel, as well as the amount of free time you will have on the tour.

10) The daily itinerary/schedule of events.

11) The name of each hotel and the type (grade) of accommodations offered by each.

12) The tour is escorted and, if so, to what degree. However you need to check the inclusions and exclusions list being provided to you in the itinerary.


Advantages of choosing THE MYSTIC INDIA:


We act as intermediaries between the end consumer and the providers of tourism service. We ,therefore , get a better deal from the hotels, transporters and other service providers.

“No hassle” element, everything is arranged for the traveler by us. You will get customized and tailored tour as per your dreams & pocket.

We will try our best to provide you the best deal which suits you in every possible way. Although some companies will pressurie you to stick to the itinerary being suggested by them, we will always try to twist & turn the itinerary wherever possible . legally the tour operator adheres with his name and so do we.

We are a good name in the industry and we always believe in the growth, hence good services.

We believe in gaining 10 clients from every single client. We want our clients to spread good "word of mouth" once they will go back to their country, we are always happy to cater to our repeated clients.

You will be provided with immense number of options when it will come to the destinations in India. In Golden triangle, we will take you to the places which are still untouched and virgin.

You will make drivers, guides and representatives your family member while going back from India you will be friends with them for the rest of your life and we can vouch for that.