Payment Terms:
  • The Client must make a 50% deposit to the Mystic India to hold a space for a specific tour. FULL PAYMENT is required no later than 120 days prior to the departure date. If the Client joins a tour fewer than 120 days prior to the departure date, the Client must make the Full Payment to hold a space. The amount of the Full Payment will be based on the expenses associated with the Client’s unique tour. The Mystic India will disclose the amount of the Full Payment and the date such payment is due well in advance . All prices are subject to change due to any change in the Mystic India’s costs, including, but not limited to, changes in the number of group members, fuel costs, and currency fluctuations, flight rate increase. The Mystic India will disclose any change once they will get to know about it .
  • Bank Charges: The price quoted by the Mystic India for the tour is the net receivable amount and the commissions paid to the remitting local bank needs to be borne by the sender/client. The Mystic India is not responsible for any charges, charged by the local or mediator banks for such transactions.
  • Credit Card Transactions: The Mystic India uses services of Banks and their Merchants for receiving payments using credit cards. The banks and/or merchants charge a transaction fee of 3 - 4% on VISA & MASTERCARD and 4 - 5% on transactions on other cards .
  • Exchange Rate: Hotels in India, and other parts of the world have a different tariff structure for Indian Nationals & Foreign Nationals. For ease, the offer price may be in the local currency of the country of residence of the client however, the Mystic India will also mention the existing exchange rate of the currency quoted and Indian Rupee and any change shall be informed to the customer. The Mystic India will require the Indian equivalent as per the prevailing exchange rate.
  • The Mystic India , reserves the right to change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify any of the company policies without prior notification.